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Fri, Jun 16 2017 - Nihahi Creek Leisure (View Original Event Details)

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Write Up:
Pat's, Donna's, Lois, Drew's and Gerry's excellent adventure. We added to the boring walk on the road by doing an extra kilometer through the horse campground. When we arrived at the turnoff to the destination we were ready for a bit of the hike's challenge. Not much of a challenge though as we stopped for lunch at about the 80% point of the off road trail. Curiosity moved us to walk down the creek to see some of the water carved canyons. Everyone was quite enjoying the adventure, through several challenging points, until we got to a point where we found a 10-15 meter drop in the creek bed. As a result we started back "up the creek" to find access to the designated trail so as not to have to walk quite ways back. One area looked like it would suit us so Gerry went up to do a recon. Having looked the first 10 over Gerry asked Drew to come up and provide a second opinion. We agreed that it was "doable". The balance of the hikers started up and found a bit of a challenge but thoroughly took the bait. With Drew taking the point while giving directions and Gerry taking the "sweep" position we all got to the top without any incident. A couple scratches and scrapes do not qualify as incidents. Once at the top we gathered our collective breath and headed back down to the road. Gerry found what looked like a mini-baseball and began, with the help of others, to try and figure out what it was. Gerry figured out on the road after smelling a kind of room deodorant odor. But this was only after he had really rubbed it into his hands. it was enough to ask him to walk at the back of the group, downwind, so that others wouldn't be required to tolerate it. Donna donated a plastic bag into which the ball was placed. A kind thing to do but Gerry's hand still reeked of the deodorant. The toy proved beneficial to the group as deodorants provided a new discussion amongst the hikers. This helped passed the time and kilometers back to the trailhead. The trinket was left on a gate rail so that others might duped into carrying it for a while. Thank you all you fine folks for coming out on the hike! I had to plead with some of you to come out. Happy trails EH? Gerry

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